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Geelong Beauty Salon

we are tōhi


The business

Based in Belmont, Tōhi is a beauty salon that provides a range of treatments to beauties across the Geelong, Bellarine, and Surf Coast regions, including professional lash extensions, brow tinting, sculpting, and laminating, skin and waxing services

We are also the first to offer Japanese Head Spa inspired Spa Rituals – the epitome of luxury! 

Launched in 2017 as a one-woman service operating out of a home treatment room, the business soon expanded into a beautiful new beauty salon in Geelong in 2020. 

Our original name, Glamazonia, wa s a blend of glamour and Amazonian. Its definition is ‘glamorous and statuesque‘, which is how we intend you feel after visiting our salon. It encompasses the beauty we seek externally and the warrior spirit women share collectively.

While our name has changed, our vision hasn’t! 

meet nat

Hey there, I’m Natalie!

I’m a diploma-qualified beauty therapist with further certifications in volume lash extensions, cosmetic tattoo and I’m currently studying my Associates Degree in Dermal Science. 

After years in high-level management and customer service roles, I took the leap to follow my heart and study in the field of beauty in 2017. 

Beauty has always been a passion of mine, and my fascination with eyes, skin biology, Trichotherapy and compulsive detail focus naturally led me to all things dermal, lashes &  brows… and from there, the salon was born.

I still love the management and customer-service side of things though, so I like to think I’ve combined the best of both worlds. My vision is to influence a team of successful beauty therapists who provide a customer-centric approach to clients at every appointment. 

I believe the key to offering an exceptional customer experience directly relates to the training, development, and work environment the staff experience day to day. My approach to management is really quite simple – the aim is to empower and equip the right staff to perform at their best and provide balance for staff to achieve that. 

Kayla Staff Image

Meet Kayla

I’m a diploma qualified beauty therapist, I graduated in 2019 and have taken every opportunity to forward my knowledge and technical skills.

I worked in customer service since I was 15 and in all honesty I really enjoyed working in retail but in 2018 decided I wanted to learn and help people with my knowledge so I turned to beauty.

I got into the beauty industry to help people with their skin. Having acneic skin as a teen, I was medicated and had a rare adverse reaction which then led me to having results driven treatments and a strict regimen as my last port of call which helped me clear my skin.

I strongly believe that creating the best treatment possible involves empowering the client and offering them the education to understand their skin, brows or lashes. Having a well educated client who understands their treatment and the aftercare needed makes my job a lot easier and the client’s brows/lashes/skin a whole lot healthier in the long run.

My vision is to influence a team of successful beauty therapists who provide a customer-centric approach to clients at every appointment.

The before and afters

The perfect set of lashes or brows can be hard to get just right –  luckily we’re eyelash extension experts!
If you’ve been trying for years to get a look customised to your eye shape and facial structure, or you’ve just resigned yourself to lacklustre lashes or brows, you’ve come to the right place.
We’ve created beautiful customised looks even for the most difficult eye shapes, unruly lashes, and barely-there brows.

The perfect look is only a booking away.