tōhi spa ritual

Do you want to experience the epitome of self indulgence?

luxury head spa ritual

We would like to invite you to Geelongs FIRST EVER Japanese Inspired Head Spa. There is copycats, and then there is our version!

Our equipment is custom made in China to our stringent expectations of utter perfection. 

Our #1 favourite result we strive for in absolutely every service is to make sure you leave our clinic with a sense of being completely cared for. We couldn’t think of a better experience than this to achieve exactly that. 

For the time being we are offering only our Signature Tōhi Spa Ritual Experience. We are a concept salon and have partnered with Oway (Organic Way) Australia to bring you sustainable luxury. 


Experience results with our skin treatments, beauty services & Tōhi (Scalp) Spa Ritual Treatments

Signature Tōhi Spa Ritual Experience

60 MINUTE Tōhi Spa Ritual treatment including Hair Tricoanalysis..

PSSSST... we offer add-ons to this treatment to optimise relaxation and results! Add on a facial or an LED Treatment, thank us later!
What is a Tricoanalysis?

We use an innovative digital wireless microscope, that magnifies your hair, skin and scalp between 50x -100X in magnification. 

This allows our therapists to understand the current state of your hair, through the analysis of images presented on a screen. 

This makes it possible to create personalised plans with the most suitable Oway treatments, to be offered in your Atama Kenkò spa ritual treatment, together with products for home maintenance rituals. 

This technology enables the tracking of treatment outcomes by examining the beginning, middle, and end stages of the implemented treatment series.

Lets discuss Oway?

About Oways Botanical & Scalp Treatment

Oway Botanical

The opening Ritual Botanical is dedicated to the preparation and purification of the scalp.

Just as the soil is carefully prepared before sowing and nourished after every agricultural cycle to maintain its vitality and fertility, the scalp and consequently the hair need to be purified and prepared to receive specific treatments.

In this phase, a trichological consultation will be carried out to identify the condition of the scalp and of the hair fibres and to develop a tailor-made proposal, choosing the subsequent treatments and using specific BLENDS, consisting of mixtures of precious pure essential oils, which will complete the BOTANICAL ritual.

Oway Scalp Treatments

The Scalp Treatment component is uniquely customised to treat Oily, Dandruff prone, Sensitive (think psoriasis) & loss of hair density scalps. 

In this supremely decadent phase our therapists will complete not one but two hair baths, a multi faceted scalp massage using both traditional and non traditional massage techniques and modalities as you enter the phase of pure indulgence. Following with a bespoke scalp treatment and even MORE massage. 

Our therapists will finish up with a fluff blowdry (facilities are available for you is you wish to style your hair, or see if our resident hair stylist is available for a professional hair styling appointment). 


The Head Spa, a novel concept in Australia, offers a transformative experience using exclusively natural and organic ingredients. While its generally safe for the majority of our clients, there could be some exceptions. To ensure you have an optimal experience, we encourage you to go through this page which contains all the essential information for your first visit. The primary focus of a head spa is to provide a rejuvenating treatment for the scalp, which may include a scalp massage, deep conditioning, aromatherapy, and hot towel/steam treatments.

How much time should I allocate for my appointment?

Each Head Spa appointment necessitates an extra 30 minutes for consultation and follow-up. Therefore, if you’ve scheduled a 60-minute Signature session, anticipate spending a total of 90 minutes at our salon.

Can my companion and I receive the Head Spa simultaneously?

Regrettably, our private room for the Head Spa can only accommodate one client at a time. As a result, multiple appointments would need to be scheduled consecutively or at different times/dates. This is currently only temporary while we access and train new staff. 

Is a blowout included in the service?

A blowout is not part of the Head Spa. Typically, we simply hand-dry the client’s hair after a Head Spa service. If the client has particularly porous hair, we may use a diffuser to dry it. Clients are also welcome to dry their own hair, and we can provide brushes and a blow dryer for this purpose.

Will the Head Spa impact my hair color or keratin treatment?

All our ingredients are safe for all types of treated hair. However, if you’ve recently undergone any chemical treatments within a week prior to your Head Spa appointment, there’s a possibility that the color or keratin may lift during our detoxing process. Hence, we advise clients to wait at least a week after any hair treatment before receiving a Head Spa. We also recommend waiting at least a week after a Head Spa before undergoing any chemical treatments. It’s best not to apply chemicals to a freshly cleaned scalp!

Can you perform a Head Spa on all hair types?

Our specialist is skilled in handling all hair types, from thin and fragile to thick and coarse, wavy, curly, porous, and even bald! However, the focus of the Head Spa is primarily on the scalp, not the hair. As long as you have a scalp, we can provide a Head Spa. We only request that you ensure we have proper access to the scalp. We are unable to service clients with extensions, braids, or sew-ins as these hinder access to the scalp and pores.

Is the Head Spa safe for pregnant women?

Our Head Spa uses entirely organic and natural ingredients, making it safe for pregnant clients. However, some clients may have concerns about exposure to certain herbs and oils, such as lavender, during pregnancy. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult your doctor to determine if there are any substances you should avoid.

Another consideration is that we require clients to lie flat on their backs for the duration of the service. If this is not possible for you, it may be best to wait until after delivery to try the Head Spa.